After kicking off a project with a group of knowledgeable people and listening to their comments, someone could be forgiven for drawing the conclusion that GitOps was the goal of the project. The technology had overridden what is really important; striving to deliver value to our customers quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Whether we do that with GitOps, the next newfangled technology or overladen messenger pigeons is irrelevant.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with GitOps (and a lot right with it) but I found it interesting that the group jump way past the problem we were trying to solve and were solutioning the delivery mechanism. As a manager it was a good learning experience to balance letting the team get a head of steam for a project and   keeping them focused on what matters.

As it turns out that project went in another direction and we didn't end up needing GitOps. We're now using a different delivery mechanism to help us create the most important thing for our business: happy customers.